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My programs are NOT about deprivation, starvation, or misery.  It is probably going to be completely different to anything you have tried in the past.

Nearly everyone can be hypnotised. If you have been to see a hypnotherapist before and not been hypnotised it just means that they didn't go far enough. Different hypnotherapy induction techniques work for different personality types. I am trained to find the technique that best fits you so you will be able to successfully go into trance.

Online hypnosis works incredibly well. People tend to go into hypnosis quite quickly because their attention is already starting to be narrowed by their focus on the screen. Another advantage is that, because you are in the environment where you are going to make the change, it is likely that you will notice the results even faster than if you were in my office. 

Don't expect to feel hypnotised or for hypnosis to be like sleep.  You will probably remember everything I say to you. You may not even realise that you are in trance.  Some people only realise when they find that they find themselves wanting to carry out the positive and beneficial hypnotic suggestions.

Some people worry that they are going to reveal things while under hypnosis that they do not want to reveal. This won’t happen because your conscious mind is always in control to some degree. You will retain enough awareness and control to prevent yourself from revealing things you don’t want to.

You are likely to find hypnotherapy to be a very relaxing and positive experience.  You will find a whole new way to relax!  

If you are truly excited and motivated to make a change-  ready to make the journey from defeated and frustrated to triumphant and in control then call Better Day Hypnotherapy to make an appointment today!     

Hervey Bay Hypnotherapy
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