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Hypnotherapy Hervey Bay 

Are you looking to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, emotional eating or overcome anxiety or the legacy of trauma? Better Day Hypnotherapy can help.

Better Day Hypnotherapy is located in Hervey Bay Qld,  Easily accessible from Bundaberg and Maryborough, and also offers Online appointments. Contact Kelly - the habit reversal expert - or text 0410 573 650 and find the health, confidence and happiness you deserve! 


How hypnotherapy is different

Do you feel frustrated, trapped and defeated each time you fail to quit? What if I told you that you could quit your bad habit for good, without experiencing any cravings or discomfort? You even have the choice of seeing me in person or having a session from the comfort of your own home!

Did you know that your imagination is far more powerful than your will power? This is why trying to solve a subconscious problem like problem drinking, smoking or emotional eating by using conscious mind therapies or logic doesn’t work. You don’t have a conscious problem, you have a subconscious problem. Otherwise you would just logically decide to stop your habit, and simply stop. It doesn’t work that way does it? The craving mind takes over and your best intentions go out the door. 

This is where hypnotherapy can help by reprogramming your mind so you no longer desire that bad habit and get the same sense of satisfaction and relaxation in healthier ways. 

Will hypnotherapy work for you?

You may be wondering if it will work for you. Well I find that nearly everyone who wants to be hypnotised,  can be. I just have to use different methods for different types of people. Click on the "Test Yourself" button to see if you can be hypnotised easily.  Click on the "What to Expect" button to understand more about how it all works.


If you are still not sure then why not try EMDR therapy to get the results you are after? If you would like to know more about this then check out the EMDR page on this site

What People Fear About Hypnosis

Some people are afraid of hypnosis and think it is mind control but therapeutic hypnosis is very different to stage hypnosis. All the suggestions made will be in your own best interest and will be based on the what you tell me your goals are. I have no intention of making you cluck like a chicken unless you desperately want to.   


Some people are worried that they will reveal secrets or say things they don't want to. This won't happen. Your conscious mind will be supervising (imagine it taking a back seat but still being there watching) and nobody has ever or will ever say things that they do not want to reveal.  You are not unconscious or asleep, your attention is just very focused

Just Imagine How good you could feel!

Just imagine for a minute how it will  finally be free! Imagine how proud of yourself you will be and how great it will feel not to live with that constant feeling of frustration, shame and defeat. So many clients tell me they wish you had done it sooner! Don't wait another day being miserable and feeling stuck.  

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Group sessions now available. Limited places. enquire now

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