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Imagine feeling calm and content without needing to drink alcohol.


My 3 session hypnotherapy program can help you to:


  • permanently free yourself from alcohol craving

  • feel more confident and happy with yourself

  • eliminate inner conflict

  • Release any limiting beliefs or emotions that are keeping you stuck. 

  • Feel calm and content without needing to drink. 

Don't waste another day feeling stuck! You can easily contact me or call me on 0410 573 650 and start on the road to setting yourself free! 

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" Hi Kelly, I hope all is well for you in your world.  Its been nearly 4 months since I first saw you and I am so incredibly pleased with the results of your wonderful session,  I have not had a drink of alcohol! There have been a couple of times where I have vaguely thought about it, but havent had an urge strong enough.  The reason I'm reminded to contact you is that I had recently experienced the loss of a beloved family member. I was totally distraught and sick to my stomach and did think "I need a drink" but didnt, that reminded me to touch base with you!! 

You are so right, there have been many "firsts" most of them have been easier than I thought they would be. I cannot believe how easy hypnotherapy makes change!  And it blows me away that so many people are still so negative or skeptical, we could apply to it so many facets of our lives and be the best version of ourselves!  Ive been wondering why people even bother with AA, it's hard work when you could have hypnotherapy and change without all the hard yakka.


 Take good care Kelly,



"Hi Kelly,


Thanks again. I'm having a great week of NO alcohol. I can't think of wine without feeling squeamish. YAAAY!

I've lost 2kg and am feeling clearer in the head"

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