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Kelly MackieDip Clin. Hypn., Grad Dip Couns., adv. EMDR, MACA MEMDRAA 

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, EMDR therapist and registered counsellor (drug and alcohol specialisation),  I have extensive experience in the psychology of habit formation and reversal.

Some clients report that they had tried everything to quit their habit, before finally achieving success with my program. 


During my sessions I use a variety of proven and effective techniques, combining hypnosis, EMDR and counselling/ coaching to help you beat your bad habit or overcome anxiety and trauma for good. 

I have advanced level EMDR qualifications and am a member of the EMDRAA (the Australian association for EMDR therapy).    This knowledge, along with my studies in somatic psychotherapy, enables me to help those who have PTSD, people who have grown up in traumatic family environments or those who may be recovering from narcissitic abuse (CPTSD). I can offer this as a stand alone therapy, without hypnosis. My clients have had amazing results with EMDR and report dramatic shifts in a relatively short time. 


My ​qualifications in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy were endorsed by the Australian Hypnotherapist Association (AHA) and my postgraduate counselling studies were focused on helping people with addictions and relapse prevention.  I am a current member of the ACA.​

So if you are ready to make a change today and break free

call/ text 0410 573 650 or email me at

Kelly Mackie


Personally I have benefited enormously from both hypnotherapy and EMDR. Years ago I used to be a slave to cigarettes, alcohol and sugary food. I was experiencing a lot of painful emotions that I was trying to avoid by using external comforters (my bad habits). I remember swearing I would never drink again and getting all of the alcohol out of my house only to be back on it within days.


 I used to eat bowl after bowl of chocolate ice cream, never feeling satisfied and I would carry lollies (sweets) in my pocket and eat them all day. I used to find it impossible to get through the week without wine! I smoked cigarettes for years wondering how it was that some people could stop smoking without any effort.  


I kept trying to kick these habits using willpower alone but I always ended up giving into the cravings. This left me feeling defeated and powerless. I was worried about my health but I didn’t know how to stop. While studying psychology, I became increasingly interested in the subject of addictive behaviour and how we form and break habits. This led me on path where I not only learned how to help myself- but also how to help many others. I discovered that hypnotherapy and EMDR are amazing tools to reprogram the subconscious mind. 


These days I am a slim, athletic, addiction-free, happy picture of health and fitness. Even my relationships and friendships are healthier! Some people imagine that life will be boring and empty without their favourite habit but I assure you that you’ll enjoy your new life far more! You imagine that there will be a hole in your life- but hypnotherapy can help you to feel satisfied, happy and complete without your unhealthy habit.  


I am passionate about helping others achieve the same results that I have.... it’s so incredibly rewarding to see others make such positive changes in their lives.... and so quickly! I get such a buzz from hearing all the many success stories of my previous clients. 

My Certifications of Registrations with Professional bodies - NHRA, AHA and ICHP

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