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If you find that your portion sizes are too large and you find it difficult to stop eating then this program could be ideal for you. This program, developed by hypnotherapist Sheila Granger, has been proven during clinical trials to be effective for helping people to lose weight. It can help you to feel fuller on smaller portions and change your relationship to food. It is very safe and does not have the negative side effects that surgery may have.  

The great thing about this program is that it can allow you to stop overeating without the risks, expense, pain and downtime involved with an invasive operation. 

The program consists of 4 sessions of approximately 90 minutes each. It is recommended that you book one session per week for 4 weeks. 

As I am usually booked up about 3-6 weeks in advance it is best to book your sessions ahead of time to ensure you are able to have your sessions one week apart. You can easily book using my online booking system via this website or by calling me.


Don't waste another day feeling stuck! You can easily contact me or call me on 0410573650 and request a call back and start on the road to setting yourself free! 

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