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Build your Confidence with Hypnosis

What sort of conversations do you have with yourself? I had a very cold and critical Mother so I used to be very very hard on myself. I suffered from depression and anxiety until about 10 years ago when I discovered hypnosis. I realized that I had been beating myself up internally. I used to say horrible things to myself.

The conversations you have with yourself really matter. I notice many of my clients are very critical of themselves. I had a client come in the other day and told me within 5 minutes several things that were supposedly wrong with him. When I asked him what he liked about himself he looked totally stumped. He couldn't come up with anything. This is very common.

You might think that if you stopped drinking, or lost weight you would feel better about yourself and that may be true, but how on earth are you supposed to manage to do that while your inner critic is following you around hurling abuse at you? Your bad habits and/ or your weight are a reflection of your internal world. Clean this up first and watch what happens!

The first step at combating the inner critic is to recognize the bully. Notice what he/she is saying. Then identify what the opposite of this would be..... create a mantra that supports this new belief. For example, I used to say to myself "You are incompetent and inferior" (So harsh right? I can't believe I used to be so unkind to myself). So my positive mantra would be "You are competent and just as capable as anyone else". It is not enough to just say this mantra..... the key to making it stick is to act in ways that support this new belief. This can be quite difficult because your subconscious likes to sabotage efforts that contradict your old familiar internal dialogue. To push past this you need to feel the discomfort and do what challenges you anyhow, if you know instinctively it will contribute to your growth. There is no growth without discomfort.

If you would like to know how to fast track the process of turning down your inner critic so you feel calm and confident send me a PM at or text 0410 573 650 to organise a strategy call.

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